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The bioactive fibers present in the INNERSHAPE® technology fabrics are made up of polymers linked to bio-ceramic crystals capable of carrying out a beneficial action for the human body.
INNERSHAPE®️ technology uses highly innovative yarns to develop soft and comfortable fabrics that interact with extraordinary effects on the wearer. In the parts of the body in contact with the tissues, the incorporated bioactive minerals stimulate the increase in microcirculation, oxygenation, cell renewal and the elimination of toxins.
The fabrics keep their properties throughout their life.

FEATURES of the fabrics

  • Resistance to washing.
  • Protection from harmful ultraviolet UV-A and UV-B.
  • Active barrier against the heat of the sun.
  • High thermal insulation thanks to the bioceramic fibers that insulate from the cold.
  • FIR rays emission which stimulate the body's microcirculatory system and improve metabolism.


Revolutionary and patented dynamic cooling technology for the best cooling performance.

  • Cooling is activated by the rise in body temperature and turned off when cooling is complete.
  • Reduction of 2.5 ° C / 4.5 ° C of fabric temperature.
  • Exceptional efficiency and durability (100% cooling performance up to 40 washes).
  • Tested, safe, skin-friendly.
  • Same aesthetics and functional characteristics of Back2You fabrics.
  • Better performance and thermal comfort.
  • Most Cooling2Cool products comply with EU REACH, US TSCA, JP METI, CN IECSC, KR KECL, ZDHC, most RSL regulations and are bluesign approved and OEKO-TEX compliant.



The effectiveness of Back2You products are certified by the organization responsible for this purpose.
The exclusive models are protected by a registered patent:


  • 006291795-0001 cosmetic mask for the face
  • 003148295-0001 bib
  • 003148295-0002 collar
  • 003148295-0003 mask
  • 003148295-0004 shorts
  • 007795133-0001 migliorina
  • 007795133-0002 migliorina


Back2You The constant use of garments containing this yarn brings numerous advantages.
After wearing a garment containing EMANA for at least 30 consecutive days, for a minimum of 6 hours a day, cellulite is reduced and the skin becomes more toned and soft.


  • n° 11723 mask
  • n° 11724 top
  • n° 11725 leggings
  • n° 11726 undewear

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